Hands Off Ecuador and Assange!

Thanking Ecuador for offering asylum to Julian Assange
On Thursday August 16, as news broke that Ecuador was giving political asylum to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, World Can't Wait in NYC quickly put together a plan to demonstrate support for this brave decision. About 12-15 people who understand significance of Wikileaks got together in front of the Ecuadorian Consulate with signs supporting the courageous stand of the Ecuadorian government:  "small country - high ethics - big heart," "hands off Ecuador and Assange," and "thanks for standing up for law and morality."

RT, Reuters and AP interviewed people outside, and then the consulate invited people upstairs (although it was officially closed) to accept the flowers and gratitude offered. Activists with World Can't Wait told the consulate representatives how important they felt it was to defend Julian Assange, freedom of the press and exposing war crimes. The Ecuadorians emphasized their sovereignty, and said how proud they all were of their country and their president for making a stand for freedom of the press. Though their embassy in London is threatened with invasion by the UK, they're not a colony, and won't accept domination. They also talked about how proud they are that although there is oil in Ecuador, the government is refusing to despoil the pristine beauty of the earth by drilling for it.

Afterwards, some of the demonstrators went over to the "occupation" of the British Consulate, where protesters are maintaining an around-the-clock presence until Julian Assange is allowed to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Raw video from Reuters:

Supporters of Ecuador's Decision to Offer Asylum to Assange

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