'Torture Memos' Author John Yoo Belongs in Prison, Not Mentoring the Next Generation of Lawyers and Judges

World Can't Wait, San Franciso Chapter, October 19, 2016

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Not only is the professor still walking around free, the University of California fawns over law school employee John Yoo, criminal proponent for lawless detention policy that resulted in the torture and death of scores of illegally held prisoners of U.S. war of terror on the Middle East.

"The acts of torture that John Yoo and other Bush administration officials so proudly defend are nothing less than war crimes that, in the absence of accountability, continue to undermine the United States' claim to respect the rule of law," Physicians for Human Rights adviser Vincent Iacopino commented, in response to Yoo's continued defense of the indefensible.

Universities, think-tanks, lobbying firms and corporations provide safe-harbor for Yoo and his ilk. U.S. leaders look after their own.  

But they also face resistance from students andparentsalumni and a few faculty members disparage, and communities at large attempt to legislate remedy. It is our responsibility to call out criminals and enablers alike.  

Our mission, in concert with people of conscience across the country, is to prosecute key officials for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Indict John Yoo and his enablers:
Saturday, October 29 1:00 pm
Boalt Hall, Room 105 215
Bancroft Way Berkeley

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