Global reckoning with U.S. war crimes: March 20, 2023

Debra Sweet | March 10, 2023

March 20 2023: 20 Years Since the U.S. launched "shock & awe" on the people of Iraq

shockandaweThere is no way to exaggerate how profoundly the U.S. destroyed Iraqi society, killed its people and drove them to flee; fired up sectarian violence, grew the outmoded Islamic fundamentalists and ISIS; flooded the land with toxic chemicals and weapons while taking oil; and left a poverty rate in Iraq of over 30%.  

The U.S. presence in the region was the central cause of 20 years of violence, based on lies. Did anyone know in 2002-2003 that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction? As a new anti-war activist said then, "I was sitting on my couch eating Cheetos and even knew Bush and Powell were lying." Massive lies - regime change would bring "democracy" - and outright deceit fueled this crime against humanity.

There was also self-deception in the service of U.S. imperialist aims. But was, as is repeated ad nauseam, the war on Iraq a "mistake"? No, it fit a pattern. Which brings us to now. It's not a war of occupation by the U.S., but the proxy war being fought over Ukraine and the threats to China are even more dangerous as the world moves into a period of direct inter-imperialist rivalry going kinetic.

You are invited to a Zoom discussion to talk about 20 years ago, and now. We'll have some well-informed activists participating, but this is not a webinar where most of us just listen. Bring your thoughts and questions.

Monday March 20 8:00 pm Eastern | 7:00 Central | 5:00 Pacific
Register in advance for this meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to join the Zoom.

Some background reading:
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Mark this 20 year anniversary with PROTEST:

Shout-out to our friends in Fayetteville, Arkansas who protest U.S war regularly:

faySaturday March 18: Washington DC 1:00 pm Rally @White House sponsored by ANSWER, Code Pink, World Beyond War, Veterans for Peace and many more. It will begin with the rally at the White House (Lafayette Square/ H Street NW side) and then march. Coinciding with the 20th anniversary weekend of the criminal U.S.-invasion of Iraq, it will demand "Peace in Ukraine – Say No to Endless U.S. Wars." Click here for transportation information.

Sunday March 19: New York City 2:00-3:30 pm starting at Union Square @14th Street and marching to Washington Square Park to End War! Sponsored by World Can't Wait, NYC War Resisters League, Brooklyn for Peace, Peace Action NYS and others. On this 20th anniversary of the start of the U.S. war in Iraq, we are holding a vigil against all war — whether in Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, among other countries. Rude Mechanical Orchestra, as well as Rising Together Guerrilla Theatre, will join us. Visit the Facebook Event Page for more information.

Our friend Tom Keough makes brilliant political cartoons. We have permission to run them. If you are interested in using them in your publications, let us know and we'll put you in touch with Tom.



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