State of the union is based on global war

Debra Sweet | Feburary 9, 2023

Based on what Biden said in his State of the Union address last night, one would not learn basic features of how this Union functions, or even of huge recent events:

  • The domestic prosperity Biden glorified is only possible because the U.S. is a global imperial empire exploiting the labor and resources of humanity.
  • "Spreading democracy" is not what the global "war on terror," operating under the 2001 authorization in Africa and the Middle East, with troops in 800+ military bases does; it has killed millions in enforcing U.S. military supremacy to keep that global empire.
  • Joe "we will never separate families" Biden continues to enforce denial of rights of asylum seekers and non-white immigrants, accepting that some children won't be found.
  • The dangerous proxy war the U.S. pursues with Russia over Ukraine is neither about saving Ukrainians nor bringing peace; both Russia and the U.S. are out for dominance.
  • Biden, prodded by the "freedom" fascist caucus, shot down a surveillance balloon similar to those with which the U.S. surrounds China - in addition to the placement of new bases in the Philippines and Guam, all part of increased military threats to China.

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