Never Forget What to Remember

Debra Sweet  | September 15, 2022

Official 9/11 commemorations, again, reminded those listening to never forget how "we" were attacked while pursuing the "just cause" of U.S. dominance of the globe. Let's just put that aside as the propaganda it is.

You're reading this newsletter because you will never forget that 9/11 was instantly used to launch global war crimes. Rumsfeld bragged the U.S. military would "go massive" and Dick Cheney vowed the U.S. would go to the "dark side" in war that would last generations.

 We must also never forget that people living in this country, despite fervent protests before the war on Iraq, largely accepted the crimes done in our name. Some four million people signed up for U.S. military actions that killed at least one million uncounted souls; made tens of millions into refugees; disappeared and locked up people without charge and used refined torture methods -- all as revenge for 9/11.

octnotinournameNYC October 6, 2002 30,000 say "Not in Our Name" as US plans to attack Iraq

The U.S. armed forces are having increased difficulty recruiting, even after lowering standards, and offering bonuses. Next week, you'll hear about We Are Not Your Soldiers' efforts to exacerbate the crisis.

But a military situation many are not familiar with enough is the penetration of Christian nationalist and overt fascists into the military and its command structure. We recommend Samantha Goldman's 9/11 interview on the Refuse Fascism podcast with independent journalist and researcher Teddy Wilson about the base for fascism in the U.S. and how that base, including in the military, is responding to recent events.  

For the full interview see: Teddy Wilson on the Metastasizing Fascist Base.Here are some excerpts:

Teddy Wilson: Until recently, there hasn't been an effort from the federal government from within the military complex to root out and try to dismantle the kind of far-right extremist elements within the military that have festered for a while. Having unending illegal wars doesn't really help either. When you create a population of people that have been wounded in physical and mental ways from unending wars, that creates a population of people that are susceptible to these kinds of things as well. So, that's kind of important to acknowledge when you think about why military members and veterans have been involved in these far right extremist groups.

Sam Goldman: On this, the anniversary of September 11th, ... not only, as Teddy mentions, does participation in endless wars based on lies create a population of people wounded in physical and mental ways. But, in my view, people who were indoctrinated in a lethal program of genocide, people who spent multiple years of their lives enforcing American interests in their most raw and vicious form, not simply saying America First, but enforcing it at the barrel of a gun, bombing whole villages and cities into oblivion and demonizing whole peoples are in fact predisposed to a fascist program that foments and relies upon xenophobia, white supremacy, and patriarchy.

For more on the military involvement in MAGA fascist movement, see The Oath Keepers Data Leak: Unmasking Extremism in Public Life from the ADL.


Speaking about 9/11, Muslims and Muslim-Americans, and Guantanamo, leads us to this very interesting article on Saudi Arabia's ties to 9/11. Be sure to look especially closely at the report of The Joint Commission of Inquiry of the Senate and the House, contained within the article. How accurate the report is, we can't say. But, what's clear is there was plenty of evidence of Saudi complicity in 9/11 which the U.S. government never followed through on but instead captured around 800 men, other than the vast majority of those mentioned in this report, and stuck those men in Guantanamo for years, torturing them, stealing their lives when there were all these others who were never even interviewed.

The U.S. government holds the government of Saudi Arabia as one of its key allies in maintaining global domination. Allegations that Saudi Arabia was involved in 9/11 never come up in the coverage of the Saudi-U.S.-supported war Yemen, the climate-killing Saudi-U.S. oil deals made to support Ukraine against Russia, or the Saudi government's murder of Adnan Kashoggi.

To address the hardships that the imprisoned men face after leaving Guantanamo, the Guantanamo Survivors Fund has been established. The fund's goal is to provide resources for medical care, education and training, and basic living resources they need to survive. One hundred percent of donations received will go directly to support the men. Please consider making a contribution!

And, if you would like to send a letter to one of the people still imprisoned, according to the DoD, you can do so at this address:

ISN# (find prisoners' numbers here)
Non-Legal Mail
APO, AE 09522-9998





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