Abortion Rights Emergency in Mississippi & Albuquerque - You Are Needed NOW!

Stop Patriarchy | October 20, 2013

abortion providers are heroes
This past summer, StopPatriarchy.org led a 15 state, one month long Abortion Rights Freedom Ride caravan responding to the state of emergency surrounding abortion rights nationwide. But that was just a beginning.

We made a commitment and we are seeing it through. Now: in the month of November, StopPatriarchy.org is mobilizing a national response to the two most concentrated assaults on women's right to abortion.

Our new campaign to raise $15,000 for this mobilization has just been launched onThe deadline to reach this goal is November 13.  Please donate whatever you can at www.igg.me/at/abortionrightsemergency


One way or another, be part of a national response to these attacks.

This message was issued by StopPatriarchy.org on October 19, 2013.