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Intelligence “Failures:” Security and the Myth of Omniscience

Military SpiesNote – this article by World Can’t Wait Steering Committee member Dennis Loo first appeared on our site in January 2010. Because its analysis has ongoing relevance, particularly in light of the revelations of the exponential growth of the “National Security State following September 11, 2001 in the Washington Post, we are reposting it.

By Dennis Loo 

We want to be able to search everything, so we could see if Mohammed Atta ever got a parking ticket in Roselle. You can’t connect the dots if you can’t see them. -- Richard Kelly, New Jersey Regional Operations Intelligence Center’s Director
[E]ach day [the NSA] collects four times the volume of information stored in the Library of Congress – Matthew Aid, Intelligence Historian
[If a terrorist incident has a] one percent chance of occurring, then it need[s] to be treated as a certainty. – Dick Cheney


Peoples' Lawyer Lynn Stewart Ordered to Prison


FLASH: Lynne Stewart, peoples' lawyer, was ordered to begin serving a 28 month prison term this afternoon, after a NY federal appeals court rejected her appeal and revoked her bail.  Worse, they sent her sentence back to the federal trial judge, with instructions to consider lengthening the sentence.  Lynne is a tireless fighter for justice, and is on the World Can't Wait Advisory Board.


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