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High Stakes Trial August 24: Attacked by Police, Videographer Faces 3 Years in Jail

Gregory From Friends & Supporters of Gregory

A young man, Gregory Koger, is facing 3 years in jail.  His crime?  Videotaping. Yes, videotaping a very brief but newsworthy statement by Sunsara Taylor in November 2009 at the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago (EHSC), in Skokie, IL.

The day before he was arrested Gregory had filmed a two hour workshop by Taylor in the exact same venue with no objections. The next day he accompanied Taylor when she returned to make a short statement objecting to the EHSC’s abrupt cancellation of her long-scheduled speech and inviting anyone who wanted to hear the presentation to the home of an EHSC member who opened her doors when the society shut theirs. 


The Digital Surveillance State: Vast, Secret, and Dangerous

By Glenn Greenwald 

It is unsurprising that the 9/11 attack fostered a massive expansion of America’s already sprawling Surveillance State.

But what is surprising, or at least far less understandable, is that this growth shows no signs of abating even as we approach almost a full decade of emotional and temporal distance from that event.


Spies ‘R Us: the Growth of America’s “National Security State”

By Kenneth J. TheisenUncle Sam Big Brother

This week the Washington Post has been running a series of articles entitled “Top Secret America” The series is an investigation into the extensive growth of the U.S. government's massive spy network in the wake of 9/11. 


Hear no Evil: Obama Bars Colombian Journalist from U.S., Harvard

By Chris Floyd

Imagine how great the "progressive" furor would be if the Bush Administration had suddenly denied a visa to an award-winning Colombian journalist because of his reportage on human rights abuses by his American-backed government.

Would we not have heard, rightly, how this draconian action exemplified the administration's tyrannical nature, its use of raw, arbitrary power to throttle any voices trying to shed light on the very murky corners of the Drug War and Terror War operations in Colombia that are armed and funded with billions of dollars from American taxpayers?


Obama’s Police State: Out-Bushing Bush

Under Barack Obama, the former professor of constitutional law, Americans’ civil liberties have shrunken drastically – to the point that his administration claims the right to execute its citizens without charge or due process of any recognizable kind. And citizens that leave the country cannot be sure they will be allowed back in.
But where is the outrage among Democrats, when Obama out-Bushes Bush? “It seems that Democrats did not in fact feel any affront to Bush policies, only to his party affiliation.”


Supreme Court Criminalizes Dissent

By Kenneth J. Theisen Supreme Court
Under the guise of fighting “terrorism”, the U.S. Supreme Court put another nail into the coffin of the first amendment guarantee of free speech and association on Monday, June 21, 2010. The case is Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project, No. 08-1498.
The U.S. war of terror against the world has been used by both the Bush regime and the Obama administration as an excuse to erode civil liberties and other constitutional protections for the last ten years. This latest case criminalizing free speech is one more illustration of how far the imperialist rulers have institutionalized their fascist agenda in the last decade.


Police State Spying Powers Increase under Obama, Napolitano

 By Elliot Cohen 

According to a June 18 AP article, Obama’s Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano has defended monitoring Internet communications as a "civil liberties trade-off the US must make to beef up national security." In addition, she said "it is wrong to believe that if security is embraced, liberty is sacrificed." Unfortunately, it is incomprehensible how "beefing up" national security can be both a civil liberties trade-off and not a sacrifice of liberty.
This contradiction betrays the sad reality that the Obama administration has followed the lead of the Bush administration in escalating the abridgment of civil liberties in the US to protect "national security."


Supreme Court Ruling Criminalizes Speech

Press release from the Center for Constitutional Rights

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-3 to criminalize speech in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project, the first case to challenge the Patriot Act before the highest court in the land, and the first post-9/11 case to pit free speech guarantees against national security claims.
Attorneys say that under the Court’s ruling, many groups and individuals providing peaceful advocacy could be prosecuted, including President Carter for training all parties in fair election practices in Lebanon. President Carter submitted an amicus brief in the case.


Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago Has 
Videographer Brutally Arrested & Prosecuted

Ethical Humanist Society of ChicagoWe received the following statement from the Ad Hoc Committee for Reason & Dropping the Charges:

The Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago (EHSC) claims that “the supreme aim of human life is working to create a more humane society… Our commitment is to the worth and dignity of the individual and to treating each human being so as to bring out the best in her or him.” It also claims to promote “intellectual, philosophical, and artistic freedom.”

Why then did a small group within the leadership of the EHSC spearhead a campaign to cancel a long-scheduled talk on Morality without Gods by Sunsara Taylor, a nationally known speaker and writer for Revolution newspaper, based on gross distortions of her positions just days before her talk was to take place?


Lieberman’s Dangerous and Hypocritical ‘Citizenship Strip’ Legislation

By Craig Considine 

Following the Times Square bomb scare, Joe Lieberman is introducing legislation that strips Americans of their citizenship if they ‘affiliate’ with groups or organizations on Washington’s ‘terrorist list’. 
‘Affiliate’ is certainly an ambiguous term.  What does Lieberman mean by it? 
Does he intend to strip citizenship from Americans who give ’material support’ or ‘aid and comfort’ to the groups on Washington’s ‘terrorist list? 
And how, moreover, does Lieberman define ‘material support’ and ’aid and comfort’?


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