Killer Cop Darren Wilson Resigns - Now Everything's Fine

Dennis Loo | November 30, 2014

Officer Darren Wilson has announced that he's resigning. That's great. He will no longer be wearing a badge when he looks at black people and thinks "demon, I must kill it." All of the blacks who have been dying at the hands of police, at a rate of one every 28 hours in the US, can now rest easily. Because Officer Darren Wilson has been responsible for each and every one of those deaths, past and future, and black and brown lives will now matter finally, right?

It isn't a system that produces Darren Wilson after Darren Wilson after Darren Wilson to murder young and old black people and blacks of any age and circumstance.

It isn't a system that leads to Darren Wilson's fellow officers wearing "I am Darren Wilson" bracelets in St. Louis in solidarity with their fellow racist murderer.

It isn't a system that produces Governors like Jay Nixon to declare a state of emergency before the grand jury issues its non-indictment, siccing the National Guard on protestors; it isn't a system that sports prosecutors like Bob McCulloch who never met a cop who killed civilians that he didn't like; it's not a system that generates Mayors like James Knowles III who threatened people before the grand jury issued its non-indictment to stay off the streets and out of the crossfire that his cops were going to produce; it isn't a system that condemns all black youth as hoodlums, thugs, criminals, gang members, demons, and responsible for their own deaths at the hands of the police and vigilantes; it's not a system that rains death from the skies and on the ground upon people all over the world, ordered by the first black president of the US who tells people that violence doesn't work and to respect a system that daily kills people.

It's just former Officer Darren Wilson.

Nothing here to see anymore. Move along and do your Xmas shopping. Everything's fine now that ex-officer Darren Wilson has resigned.

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