Message from Tom Morello on Whistleblowers, Government Surveillance, and War

Tom Morello

The following message was written by Tom Morello and read at the June 19 Emergency Forum at Cooper Union.

I have another name for the so called "whistleblowers" who are responsible for shining a bright and revealing light on the secret crimes of our government. I call 'em RIGHTEOUS HEROES.

From exposing the murder of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan to blowing the lid off the outrageous NSA "Big Brother Is Watching You" conspiracy against We The People, there is nothing more courageous than persons of conscience risking their freedom and risking their lives in the hopes of creating a more just, more free, more peaceful planet.

So when the powers that be try to intimidate YOU into towing the line and bowing your head in quiet acquiescence I recommend raising your voices with deafening thunder and quote that old gospel spiritual that rings as true today as the day it was written: FUCK YOU I WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!”