STOP "Stop and Frisk" Police Repression


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Stop Stop and Frisk

STOP “Stop & Frisk”
Illegal, racist, unconstitutional, intolerable.And it must be stopped!!!

The NYPD is on pace to stop and frisk over 700,000 people in 2011! That’s more than 1,900 people each and every day. More than 85%of those stopped and frisked are Black or Latino, and more than 90% of them were doing nothing wrong when the police stopped them.


We are launching a campaign to take the movement to stop it to a higher level on Friday, October 21st, and YOU NEED TO JOIN US!

STOP ‘STOP & FRISK’ DAY: October 21st FRIDAY1:00 PM. Rally at the Harlem State Office Building1:30 PM. March to the NYPD 28th Precinct at West 123rd and Frederick Douglass Boulevard. At the precinct, we will deliver a message that we aim to stop police from violating people’s rights through `Stop & Frisk.’

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Phone: 973-756-7666