Emma Kaplan

If You’re Not Insane You’re Not Paying Attention!

Rally for SanityBy Emma Kaplan

I went with World Can’t Wait to Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert’s  “Restore Sanity Rally and/or Fear.” Stewart called out people “who are too busy to protest.” He launched this rally in oppostion to what he referred to as two extremes, those who think that “Obama is a socialist” and those who called “Bush a war criminal.” This set the tone for the rally. Walking through the crowds, it was an eclectic circus. Signs degrading protest and political action read, “The Loudest Know The Least" and “I’m Apathetic.”

Some people had signs actually challenging the Tea Party that said, “Tea Party: I’m Sorry You Are Losing Your White Power” and another that said “ I love homosexuals, Muslims and socialists.” People were dressed up from  everything to Hooters girls to Hugh Hefner to Ronald Regan.


Before the Protests Tommorrow at Fort Hood

By Emma Kaplan

I am in Killeen, TX at Under The Hood Cafe near the Fort Hood military base tonight. I am down here for the protests happening on Sunday being called by the Disobedient.

The Disobedient is made up of Iraq era war vets and others anti- war activists, mainly young people. These protests are going to include visible non-violent resistance to the 3,000 troop surge being headed to Iraq. They are acting to create a situation where the U.S. cannot continue this illegitimate and illegal war - that deployments not only stop but that the military withdraws immediately.


Taking on The Anti-Women/Anti Choice Movement: Take Reality and Science to the College Campuses

SignBy Emma Kaplan

I received word on Facebook that the Genocide Awareness Project was going to be at the University of Washington. The Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) is an anti-woman, anti-choice photo mural exhibit that compares a woman terminating her pregnancy to genocide. They visit college universities in an attempt to distort abortion and shame young women.

Seeing as I had just found out about it the day before they were to arrive, I wasn't sure if there was enough time to mobilize protest. However, I recalled the story of Jamilah Hoffman in Houston, who protested GAP on her campus. She went out there by herself with a sign that read: Abortion On Demand And Without Apology. I decided I would pull a “Jamilah.” 


SB1070: What’s The Difference Between Americans Only and Whites Only?

By Emma KaplanEnglish Only

On July 29, anti-immigrant law SB1070 will go into effect. This law will make life even more horrific and unbearable for millions of immigrants and millions more who look like they are from another country. This is a leap in the whole bigoted storm trooper culture that was unleashed under Bush and has been offered a place to stay in the Obama administration. This culture was strategically developed after 9/11 when the powers that be widely promoted that there was nothing too vile, sadistic or inhumane when it comes to “ America and American lives.”


We Are Not Your Soldiers Meets the Warped Tour

 By Emma Kaplan

World  Can't Wait has hit three stops of  the Warped Tour;  Ventura, Pomona and San Francisco in California.  This year,  the Warped Tour has a variety of bands .... from older political punks who are in their 30's and 40s' to some Christian punk bands. This drew a variety of age groups, including families who brought their kids out,  to youth that came on their own. The demographic was mainly white. Many people were either in the military, came from a military family or had recently joined.


Taking “We Are Not Your Soldiers” to the Warped Tour

 By Emma Kaplan 

Eight of us from the We Are Not Your Soldiers Tour recently hit the first stop on the Warped Tour in Mountain View, CA. The Warped tour is a summer punk rock concert that draws thousands of youth. Our Crew included including five students who first heard the tour last Spring, and Robin Long, an Iraq war resister who spent a year in jail for refusing orders to go to Iraq, .
Our booth was decorated with We Are Not Your Soldiers bandanas and graphic pictures that showed what the military is doing in the Middle East. We also had t-shirts reading “Military Recruiters: Get The Hell Away From Me”, and we put up an enlargement of the Crimes Are Crimes Statement, People stopped by the booth all day to read the statement. . 



World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.