Oakland Police Critically Injure Iraq War Veteran During Occupy Oakland Crack-down

from Iraq Veterans Against the War 

Tell Oakland Mayor Jean Quan to investigate this incident and allow peaceful protests to continue. 

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Scott Olsen, a Marine veteran who did two tours in Iraq, was hit by a police projectile during last night's brutal police crackdown of Occupy Oakland.  He is in serious but stable condition at an Oakland hospital.

It's ironic that days after Obama's announcement of the end of the Iraq War, Scott faced a veritable war zone in the streets of Oakland last night.  He and other protesters were surrounded by explosions and smoke (tear gas) going off around him as people nearby carried him injured while yelling for a medic. This disturbing video of the incident shows how veterans are now fighting a war at home.

WARNING: You may find this video clip disturbing: 

The Bay Area Indy Media center also posted dramatic photos of Scott being cared for and escorted to saftey right after he was hit. 
WARNING: these images are graphic and disturbing: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2011/10/25/18695124.php
Demand that Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland investigate this incident and allow peaceful protests to continue. 

More and more veterans are joining the 99% Movement

Scott is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War who was discharged from military service with the Marines in 2010 after two tours in Iraq.  He is one of many veterans who have returned home and gotten involved in the Occupy protests taking place in hundreds of cities around the nation.  Veterans like Scott recognize that they are part of the 99% who face uncertain economic futures, including few job prospects and rising tuition costs. Rates of homelessness and unemployment are higher for veterans than for their civilian counterparts.
IVAW members around the country have been participating in their local Occupy demonstrations, and are finding other veterans there as well.  "Our members are flocking to these occupations," says Joyce Wagner, IVAW Board President who has been participating in Occupy Pittsburgh.  "The Occupy encampments are a great place to meet other veterans, network, and get veterans services.  We're actually bringing a VA social worker to our camp and have several older homeless veterans in our camp."

Supporting Scott's recovery

Scott remains in stable but critical condition at an Oakland hospital awaiting a decision about whether he will undergo surgery. We have set up a medical fund to support any up-coming health needs he has.
To contribute to this fund, click here.
Thank you for your support. We will keep you posted on Scott's condition.
In Solidarity,
Iraq Veterans Against the War