Bringing anti-war veterans to speak with your students: Fall 2022

Debra Sweet | September 21, 2022

No fee charged to your school: We Are Not Your Soldiers is set to come to your class this semester, still remotely as the term starts, with an anti-war veteran who will dialogue with your students and is ready to answer any of their questions.

Educators and students: please contact us now to set up a time for us to engage with your classes. If you are not an educator or a student, please pass on this information to anyone you know who is involved in education.


As world crises and U.S. wars continue and the threats of new wars and even nuclear annihilation is an on-going reality, students have many serious concerns.

Our wonderful presenters share their experiences and how they were effected by their time in the U.S. military as well as the effects on people in the countries under attack. We provide a perspective that is not often available to students who are encouraged to ask questions, engage in critical thinking and do their own research. Discussion on crucial issues is necessary in order to reach informed opinion.

Fall 2022 SpeakersJohn BurnsJoy DamianiRosa del Duca, Will GriffinMiles Megaciph, Lyle Rubin, Joe Urgo and Miguel Gabriel Vazquez

Stationed in the military in locations ranging from Vietnam to Iraq, Afghanistan and other sites of the “War on Terror,” with membership in the U.S. Army, Marines, Air Force and National Guard, the presenters have many experiences and perspectives to share. Among this diverse group are a bilingual Spanish-English speaker and two women.

We work with the middle/high school teacher or college professor to plan the presentation to align with curricular needs and provide resources as needed. Each speaker has their own unique story and style of presentation.

Linked below are videos of several presentations during the 2021/22 school year:

Help us bring We Are Not Your Soldiers to even more schools: introduce us to educators you know and contribute to cover our costs. Thank you for your support.


Here are some student comments on the 2020/21 presentations.

High school:

  • “Thank you for your amazing story-telling and answering our questions no matter the pain it brought.”
  • “Thank you for being real and expressing what it was like…”
  • Thank you so much for sharing and turning an uncomfortable traumatic event into an inspiring lesson.


  • “I understand that this subject can be difficult for some people, but it is important that it is talked about. The more we attempt to dust things under the rug, the more we are numbing ourselves to the truth.”
  • “This presentation for me personally was a huge eye opener, not only in regards to soldiers but the way in which I look at societal issues…”


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