We Are Not Your Soldiers

Stephaine Rugoff | March 30, 2020

In March We Are Not Your Soldiers presenters spoke remotely at three alternative NYC high schools, a NYC middle school and to Spanish-dominant bilingual high school students in Philadelphia. A co-teacher at one of the NYC high schools wrote following Will's talk:

Thank you so much for your visit and your presentation today! I can't tell you how valuable of an experience that was for our students. We have been discussing and debriefing since you left. You touched on many issues we have been discussing in class, and your personal experience as a veteran adds so much that we can not. You had a huge impact on our students, and I can't thank you enough for that. We appreciate you taking the time to be with us and share some of your experiences today.

A teacher at another school wrote to Miles:

Thank you so much for the powerful visit... Many students were very moved by your experiences and presentation. Miles, you spoke to them in a way that I can't, and they received a message that they need to hear. It's difficult and emotional for a few of the young men but it's an experience that will have a lasting impact. Thank you for that.

And from the middle school teacher about Joy:

Our students cannot stop talking about Joy! Her story has struck a cord with them and they are so grateful.


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