Banksy's Horses of War Piece, Featuring Audio from Collateral Murder

October 22, 2013

banksy horses of warThe artist Banksy is doing a month residency on the streets of NYC, with a new installation on the streets every day.

On October 9 this image appeared on the Lower East Side, with an audio guide online featring the sound of Collateral Murder, via Private Chelsea Manning & Wikileaks.


NSA Campus Recruiters Challenged by Students & Others

Government listens“I want to know what are the qualifications that one needs to become a whistleblower? Because that sounds like a much more interesting job. I think that ultimately the Edward Snowdens, Bradley Mannings and Julian Assanges of the world will prevail.”


Flobots: Bradley Manning

June 15, 2013

Lupe Fiasco Gets Booted from Inauguration Concert for Criticizing Obama

Lupe Fiasco criticizes ObamaCheers to Lupe Fiasco for doing an extended version of his politically charged song Words I Never Said while performing at an Inauguration concert January 20, 2013.


The Onion Nails It: "Millions Without Power Following Election"

Millions without power following electionThe satirical newspaper The Onion captured the situation November 7, 2012:

WASHINGTON—According to widespread reports, roughly 314 million Americans across the country have been left without any power following Tuesday’s devastating presidential election.


We Are All Illegals/Todos Somos Ilegales

We are all illegals videoJeers to Arizona for the "let me see your papers" law now in effect.

Cheers to the band Outernational for this response:

'Show Me Your Papers' law is in effect today!  Arizona is stopping people, left and right.  Let's get this music video out there, far and wide.  Post this on your Facebook Wall.  Tweet it.  Blog about it.  Email it to your friends and family.  And make sure everyone you know in Arizona sees this.  "THE DEFIANT ONES OUR TIME HAS COME".

Conor Oberst and Desaparecidos Protest the Crimes of the Government

marikkkopa preview2 grandeConor Oberst has reunited with his band Desaparecidos, speaking out in new songs performed this year against Joe Arpaio, the fascist sherif of Tucson, and for Bradley Manning. In an interview with the New York Times, Oberst spoke to why he and his bandmates are making protest music again:

Oberst voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and performed at a benefit for him during the primaries, but like others on the left, he has been disappointed by some of the president’s moves. “Obama increased drone strikes and targeted assassinations of American citizens,” he told me. “All the promises he made in the course of that 2008 election, all the things that I thought I heard him saying when I was standing there in the primaries in Iowa on a frozen morning listening to him speak, the person I thought I was hearing, is not the person that is running our government.”

A decade-old protest band has once again found a moment to match their music. “They want everyone to sit down and be apathetic, but we can’t,” Oberst said. “If there’s anything we need to say, it’s that this will not stand, this is not acceptable. The whole idea that you can make someone disappear because they disagree with you politically, and you’re free to spy on them and hold them without charges indefinitely — what is the difference between us and fill-in-the-blank dictatorship? What is the difference? That’s desaparecidos, man.”

Günter Grass: "the nuclear power of Israel endangers the already fragile world peace"

The controversy over Günter Grass’s poem about Israel and Iran only confirms what Grass was saying: That it’s impossible to criticize Israel without being lambasted.

Grass, the Nobel-Prize-winning author of The Tin Drum, among many other works, dared to question Israel’s first strike policy against Iran, dared to underscore “the West’s hypocrisy” that permits Israel to have an arsenal of uninspected nuclear weapons and then permits Israel to threaten to annihilate the Iranian people if Iran tries to get one of its own.


Colbert On Targeted Killing: "Due Process Just Means There's A Process That You Do"

Stephen Colbert

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert took on Attorney General Eric Holder's legal justification for killing American citizens abroad suspected of terrorism, particularly Holder's argument that "due process and judicial process are not one and the same."

"Trial by jury, trial by fire, rock, paper scissors, who cares? Due process just means that there is a process that you do," Colbert said. "The current process is apparently, first the president meets with his advisers and decides who he can kill. Then he kills them."

Pretty much.



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