Lupe Fiasco Gets Booted from Inauguration Concert for Criticizing Obama

Lupe Fiasco criticizes Obama
Cheers to Lupe Fiasco for doing an extended version of his politically charged song Words I Never Said while performing at an Inauguration concert January 20, 2013.

The Chicago Sun Times reported:

Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco is not President Obama's biggest fan. He's rapped about his disdain for Obama and has gone so far as to call the president a terrorist in 2011 in a CBS News segment:

"To me, the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America," Fiasco was quoted saying on video - apparently not available for streaming anymore.

He went on in a followup interview with to stand by his harsh assessment:

"I've got nothing to clarify. It's Obama and the U.S. government. [It's] every president that came before him and every president that comes after him."

Earlier this year, Fiasco went further - accusing Obama of killing children through use of drone attacks in foreign policy:

"One hand, you have someone who is a great speaker, but kills little children--our president. I'm talking about ordering a drone attack. Ordering drone attacks that go and kill mothers, innocent bystanders, children. Militants, too, but the collateral damage. You're responsible for that, too."

So, it's somewhat surprising that Fiasco, who contributes an occasional column to the Sun-Times Splash section, was tapped to headline an inauguration weekend concert. What's perhaps not surprising is what ensued.

Fiasco was, according to accounts on Twitter from attendees, eventually escorted from stage by concert handlers after a 30-minute protest screed, which included harsh words for President Obama. The show, StartUp RockOn, wasn't an official part of the inauguration festivities and isn't affiliated with the president. But it still left people stunned. Continue reading...

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