Harry Belafonte disappointed with Obama

Harry Belafonte
Harry Belafonte, at 84 years old, is still making headlines.

On Thursday, CNN talked with the actor/humanitarian/activist at the Television Critics Association Tour in Beverly Hills. He was there to promote his upcoming HBO documentary “Sing Your Song," which chronicles his longstanding career and work alongside many notable civil rights activists.

But what caught our attention during the interview were his outspoken words on President Obama and the current budget impasse.

“There has never been such a void in moral truth as it now exists,” Belafonte said. “And what the expectation has been for many of us was that Barack Obama would bring to the table a great sense of moral fortitude. I think were he to apply that in the decisions that he would have to make, he would find that his presidency might touch on a level of greatness that he has not yet considered.”

He added, "He (Obama) has only listened to the voices that shout the loudest, and it’s all those reckless right-wing forces. It’s almost criminal.”

This is not the first time Belafonte has criticized the Obama administration. Last year, he spoke at a “One Nation Working Together” rally and criticized the administration’s response to the war in Afghanistan.

Belafonte's documentary debuts on HBO on October 17.

This story first appeared on cnn.com.


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