Petition: Support Nick Morgan & Hempstead 15 Anti-War Arrestees

Please sign this peititon condemning the trampling of Nick Morgan and others at the Oct. 15th anti-war protest at the last presidential debate at Hofstra University.

Please donate funds to help cover Nick's medical bills at

Video coverage:   http://the-uptake.groups.theup...

Web Coverage: Debate Protesters Attacked by Policeby Debra Sweet; A Personal Account by Matthis Chiroux; and Bill Perry's 55 image slideshow with text commentary

Monday, November 10 Court Appearance:  Please join the Hempstead 15 in court Monday, Nov. 10th, at the Nassau County District Court at 99 Main Street in Hempstead, NY.

Ten members of Iraq Veterans Against the War and five of our supporters who make up the Hempstead 15 will be arraigned for "disorderly conduct" at 9 a.m. We're asking our supporters to show up at 8. Following the hearing, members of the Hempstead 15 will be available for questions and general socializing.

We ask that all supporters continue to respect the non-violent and reconciliatory nature and intent of our organization, particularly by helping us spread messages surrounding dignity and medical treatment for our veterans and acknowledgement of their voices which deserve to be heard.

Thank you for all you've done, thank you for what you're doing, and thank you for making what's to come a reality. May we always find people uniting around the ideals of freedom, justice and democracy, in times of war and peace alike.

Thank you for moving forward with us, and we look forward to seeing you all at the courthouse!

The Hempstead 15
Nick Morgan  SGT, USA  IVAW DC
Matthis Chiroux SGT, USA IVAW NYC
James Gilligan  CPL, USMC IVAW Philadelphia
Kris Goldsmith SGT, USA IVAW NYC
Marlisa Grogan CPT, USMC IVAW NYC
Adam Kokesh  SGT, USMC IVAW DC
Nathan Peld   PO2, USN IVAW Central NY
Mike Spinnato  CPL, USMC IVAW Boston
Jose Vasquez  SSG, USAR IVAW NYC
Geoff Millard  SGT, ARNG  IVAW DC
Paul Blasenheim Washington, DC
Megan Day  Portchester, MA
David M. Disimino Tacoma Park, MD
Lianne Gillouly Boston, MA