Veterans, Occupiers and War Opponents Protest US Wars for Empire and Demand Release of Pfc. Manning at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte

What: Rally & photo-op
When: Tuesday, September 4 starting at 12noon

Where: Marshall Park (3rd and McDowell), Charlotte NC

Today, outside of the Democratic National Convention, protesters will gather in support of the soldier accused of leaking classified records to WikiLeaks, Pfc Manning.   They will demand that the Army drops charges against Manning, on the basis that the leaks provided essential information to the public about the effect of the "global war on terror," most notably the Collateral Murder incident where Iraqi civilians were killed.  Protesters insist that all the wars the US is engaged in, both covert and conventional, end immediately.
Jill McLaughlin, a member of World Can't Wait's Steering Committee, stated, "It's ironic that targeted assassinations by drone strikes greatly expanded by Barack Obama, would qualify as war crimes, yet Manning is the one being punished while U.S. government figures are apparently immune from prosecution.  If Manning indeed leaked such documents, then he is a hero and must be immediately released."

World Can’t Wait is a national organization committed to “stopping the crimes of our government.” Activists with the organization transported a 1/8 scale replica Reaper drone to the protests in Charlotte and will bring the prop to today's demonstration.