Police arrest Wall St. protesters 'brutally'

Coverage from PressTV

U.S. police have “brutally” arrested around a hundred people during a peaceful demonstration on Wall Street in New York City, according to Debra Sweet, Director of ‘World Can't Wait.’

She was speaking about an "Occupy Wall Street" event which is an ongoing peaceful demonstration that began on Sept 17th in New York City. The demonstrators are calling for changes in American social and economic policies.

Sweet told Press TV's U.S. desk on Sunday that “many of our comrades are in jail from a brutal arrest yesterday. Mostly young people were marching and it was a Saturday and the police arrested upwards of a hundred of the marchers brutally. They pushed them into nets and they used pepper spray and mace on people who merely were marching down the street.”

Sweet said that they were being arrested and “having a difficult time finding public space to convey our message against the war, against the great disparity of wealth in this country, against the huge numbers of people that are incarcerated. United States alone, which is only 5% of the world’s population, has 25% of the people in prison, in the whole globe. This is becoming a police state and like friends all over the world, we very much know that it's up to us to stop the crimes of our government.”

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