From Studs Terkel...

It’s time we assert ourselves,
And said to these outrageous liars
Who offended our sense of decency
And native intelligence

It’s time to BUGGER OFF!
Get lost!
And let’s unite on behalf of peace and sanity
and all that makes life rich and worthwhile.

Tom Paine was perhaps the most eloquent visionary
of the American Revolution.

His book, “Common Sense,” sold a couple of hundred thousand copies.
The population was hardly four or five million,
which means, of course, people read it.
It was a best seller for years.

He says, in that,
“Let us not let them confuse reason with treason.
Enough of that nonsense.”

Bush administration!

What I’m saying, really, is:
The World Can’t Wait!
Drive Out the Bush Regime!