This is Where We Take Our Stand

World Can’t Wait received this message from Displaced Films:

As we near the holidays, we want to give a big THANK YOU to all of you who responded to our urgent request to contact your local PBS station asking them to air "This is Where We Take Our Stand" in January and February.

If you haven't yet contacted your local station, below is a list of contact links for the largest thirty stations. Just click on the one nearest you and send them a message. Do it this week, send it to your own lists, and let PBS know that you want this story and these veterans to be seen by millions.

As a reminder of just how crucial and heroic the soldiers and veterans in this film are, read this article from the November 15 edition of the New York Times. We warn you that this is far from a feel good holiday story, but it does nothing less than vividly portray the reality of this hideous war:

Special announcement for New York and Washington, DC:

On Wednesday, February 1, "This is Where We Take Our Stand" will screen at the IFC Center in New York. This benefit screening for Iraq Veterans Against the War will begin at 7 pm and feature a Q&A with directors Bestor Cram, Mike Majoros and David Zeiger along with IVAW members from the film. Contact or for more information.

Then on Thursday, February 2, the film will screen at Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC. Details are forthcoming. Contact for more information.

And again, Thank You!

David Zeiger and Bestor Cram

PBS Stations

WNET (New York) -





(While KCET is no longer PBS, it can air this program)


WTTW (Chicago) -,2,4


WHYY (Philadelphia) -


KERA (Dallas) -


KQED (San Francisco) -


WGBH (Boston) ­-


WETA (Washington, D.C.) -


WGTV (Georgia) -


KUHT (Houston) -


WTVS (Detroit) -


KCTS (Seattle) -


KAET (Phoenix) -


WEDU (Tampa) -


TPT KTCA (Minneapolis) -


WPBT (Miami) -


KRMA (Denver) -


WVIZ (Cleveland) -


WBBC (Orlando) -


KVIE (Sacramento) -


KETC (St. Louis) -


OPB (Oregon) -


WQED (Pittsburgh) -


WUNC (Raleigh) -


WUNE (Charlotte) -


WFYI (Indianapolis) -


WTIU (Indianapolis) -


WMPT (Owing Mills, MD) -


KPBS (San Diego) -

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