We Are Not Your Soldiers

If you want to stop the wars, bring the truth to your school and mobilize resistance against military recruiting. The U.S. military must have fresh bodies. Recruiters occupy our high schools, college campuses, and even come to our homes. They prey on kids as young as 5. They make war seem like a video game.

But its real life for the 1.2 million Iraqis killed since 2004. It's real life for Afghan civilians killed by US/NATO air strikes, or rounded up in the dead of night and held indefinitely in Bagram Prison. It’s real life for the 6,000 US soldiers killed, hundreds of thousands injured, and tens of thousands dead by suicide due to these unjust wars. Military recruitment must grow as Obama sends 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan and calls for 92,000 more soldiers. 85% of new recruits will find themselves in a war zone.
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Once you join this military, your life becomes killing -- and maybe dying – to spread the US Empire. You are trained to kill and brutalize people in other countries. This military is up to no good in our schools or our communities and we want them out, now!
Bring the “We Are Not Your Soldiers Tour” To Your Campus. The World Can’t Wait brings Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to classes to tell the truth about the wars, and what the military is really recruiting for. The vets talk about their on-the-ground experience in occupying countries, where civilians pay the price. This tour not only has the potential to convince a lot of youth not to join up, it is attempting to unleash a whole culture of resistance to military recruiting as a key part of stopping these wars.
From a student in San Jose, wrote this after the We Are Not Your Soldiers tour reached his school.
"I went to get lunch at school and right in front of the cafeteria was 15 military recruiters and prizes but I went to the activities director and she said I can have a waterboarding demo, bullhorns and banner. So I'm going to start up a club and prepare so I get as many kids as I can to resist."
 Wearenotyoursoldiers.org (347) 385 2195.