We Are Not Your Soldiers Letter to Teachers


Circulate the Letter to Teachers to All High School Teachers You Know
Go to high schools either before or after school and talk to students about Oct 6th. Ask them to be part of showing the We Are Not Your Soldiers presentation in classrooms. Ask them if they know teachers who would want them to show it in their classroom. See what the situation is like at the school, do they have recruiters? Do recruiters call them at home? What do they say? Are they thinking about joining the military? Why or Why Not? Do they think recruiters should be able to recruit in high schools or in their communities? We should really learn from the students and their experiences
Go into high school classrooms and do a presentation with the We Are Not Your Soldiers film. This is video footage of Iraq Vets and World Can't Wait organizers speaking in classrooms about the war crimes being committed in Iraq & Afghanistan and what it means to join the military. Anybody can do this! Then afterwards talk with students about what kind of actions they want to do to stop this ( there are some ideas on the Oct 6 flier which can be found ) then make sure to give them the we are not your soldiers survey,  so we can find out what students think.
Donate $25, $50 or $100 so that we can make We Are Not Your Soldiers a real force in society on facebook and myspace.  If you have not donated yet please give what you can here
We will not be able to make the kind of impact we need with out funds. ( ask everyone you know who doesn't like recruiters to donate.
Organize a protest at your local recruiting center and fight for young people to come and be a part of it after-school.
Materials you will need for high schools:
We Are Not Your Soldiers DVD: samples of some of the clips on it:
Ryan Endicott: "Just Another Tuesday"  

Broken Soldier episode from "This is Where We Take our Stand"  Profoundly moving...about suicides and ptsd.... about 10 mins

Emma Kaplan from World Can’t Wait talks about the mission of this generation

 Afghanistan Fact Sheet here
We Are Not Your Soldiers Brochure Front and inside
Orange We Are Not Your Soldiers Bandanas
Stickers here and here
IVAW Truth in Recruiting Flier here


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