Emergency Summit on Gulf Crisis - Passion, Expertise, Ideas and a Plan for Action

By Debra Sweet 

Friends: Saturday, 100 people gathered in New Orleans for the Gulf EMERGENCY Summit.

We heard from people affected by the catastrophe, from people with expertise, passion, and ideas. We united on initial steps. Reports will be on gulfemergencysummit.org soon. On Sunday, participants went to Grand Isle Louisiana to view the oily shores and were able to speak with clean-up workers.

Today, the first political protest action to come from the Summit:
Protest the crimes of British Petroleum and the painfully slow and woefully inadequate response by both BP and the US Government. From the People's Gulf Emergency Summit Saturday in New Orleans, we found out that the Deepwater Horizon Unified Response Command Center has moved to New Orleans, near the infamous Superdome where many poor and black people were forced to evacuate to after Hurricane Katrina.

We will be delivering provisional demands.  Come out to show your opposition to the destruction of the Gulf.

When: Monday, June 21
Time: Noon to two
Where: 1250 Poydras St (Eni Petroleum)
Bring: your signs, bullhorns, and energy.
(There may be opportunity for Civil Resistance)
for more information:  504 644 7214 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .   Thanks to Cindy Sheehan for design.
1) Stop oil drilling in the gulf, full compensation, retraining and new employment, including public works, for all affected

2) The government and entire oil industry must allocate all necessary resources to stop and clean up the spill, prevent oil from hitting shore, protect wildlife, treat injured wildlife, and repair all devastation. Full support, including by compensation, must be given to peoples’ efforts on all these fronts and to save the Gulf.

3) No punishment to those taking independent initiative; no gag orders on people hired, contracted, or who volunteer; those responsible for this crime against the environment and the people should be prosecuted.

4) Full mobilization of scientists and engineers. Release scientific and technical data to the public; no more lying and covering up.  Immediately end use of dispersants; full, open scientific evaluation of nature and impact of dispersants. Fund all necessary scientific and medical research.

5) Full compensation for all losing livelihood and income from the disaster.

6) Provide necessary medical services to those suffering health effects of the spill. Protect the health of and provide necessary equipment for everyone involved in clean up operations. Full disclosure of medical and scientific studies about the effects of the oil disaster.