Yemen Bombed by US-Supported Coalition of Saudi Arabia & Other Monarchies

Debra Sweet | March 30, 2015

U.S. airstrikes and drone attacks against rebels in Yemen came to the world's attention in 2009, though CIA drone strikes first started in 2001. None of the U.S.'s “interventions” have provided any support to the masses of people who joined the Arab spring protests in 2011 against the ruling government.

A country cobbled together in the interests of western imperialist nations, made up a millions of very poor people, Yemen is riven with tribal and sectarian conflicts that have only been intensified by U.S. bombs.

Strategically, the U.S. is out to prevent any government that isn't adequately compliant to its domination from staying in power. Last week, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates began bombing the capital, Sanaa, and other cities, with technical support and tacit or open agreement of the U.S.

The New York Times reported that the strikes “flattened a number of homes near the airport, killing at least 18 civilians, including six children. Another round followed in the evening, again rocking the city.” Al Jazeera reported, “Hakim Al Masmari, Yemen Post editor, said that 'people are terrified... It's [bombing] not in any particular location in Sanaa, it's throughout the capital.”  The reactionary U.S. funded government of Egypt just announced it may send troops.

Regardless of what interests oppose the U.S. in Yemen — including Iran, Syria, or Russia — it is outrageous that Yemenis are being bombed by regional powers with the support of “our” government.