Convicted of Upholding Human Rights on Int'l Human Rights Day

World Can't Wait Chicago Chapter | December 11, 2014

On Dec. 10, 2014, International Human Rights Day, Kathy Kelly and Georgia Walker were found guilty of trespass by a US magistrate for their attempt to serve an indictment for war crimes on the commander of Whiteman Air Force Base, which is a drone base. In her statement to the court, Kathy recounted the story of an Afghan mother whose son was killed by a drone and the anguish these weapons cause.

Kathy was sentenced to serve three months in prison, where she said she expected to "learn more about who goes to prison and why" in this country. Georgia was sentenced to one year probation. These outrageous sentences for the "crime" of seeking accountability for wanton civilian deaths by drone took place as headlines around the world were filled with the horrendous details of US torture contained in the newly released Senate report on torture.

Read the war crimes indictment brought by Kelly and Walker.