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For More Than Ten Years the Richest Country in the World Has Been "At War" With the Poorest Country in the World

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‘We can see everything’: USAF launches ‘airborne surveillance system’

DroneAgence France-Presse:

WASHINGTON — The US military plans to deploy a new intelligence drone in Afghanistan, which military experts say will allow US troops to monitor much larger operational theaters than before, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

The newspaper said the airborne surveillance system is called Gorgon Stare and will be able to transmit live video images of physical movement across an entire town.


Afghanistan - The People's December Review

By Kathy KellyAfghan civilians

In the first-person voice of Abdulai, a 15-year-old Afghan boy, whose father was killed by the Taliban:

    "The place where I live is the worst place on earth in which to be born.[1] Good thing my mother survived her pregnancies.[2] But my father - he didn't survive the war. Isn't it strange that there is a graveyard marked out especially for children in my small remote mountain village? A quarter of all children do not live beyond five years of age[3] and they are buried there; we already have to find new space because the graveyard is filled. As 42 percent of Afghans live in poverty,[4] my family could not afford a proper grave for my father for five years. My father would have understood our predicament: in a land with the worst food risk in the world,[5] we make do with whatever food and clean water[6] we can get. Since we don't have electricity,[7] we are grateful for diesel lamps. And most importantly, my father would have understood that we still struggle to stay away from the killings.



US Military Pushes for ‘Routine’ Ground Raids into Pakistan

By Jason Ditz 

Though officials were quick to point out that it had not yet been formally approved, top US commanders are pressing the Obama Administration to allow the massive escalation of ground raids against Pakistan’s tribal areas, turning what has been a secret (albeit poorly kept) war into an extremely overt one.

The New York Times, which carefully excised the word “ground” from their headline, reports that the commanders are looking for “a shift in policy (that) could allow for more routine incursions.”


Obama Claims “Significant Progress” Regarding Afghanistan War: Progress in Whose Interest?

By Kenneth J. Theisen

President Barack Obama unveiled his administration’s Afghanistan strategic review on Thursday, December 16th.  The summary made available to the public claimed “progress” for the U.S. in pursuit of its war aims in Afghanistan, but failed to provide details to demonstrate these claims.


White House Spokesman: Obama ‘Pleased’ With Afghan War

By Jason Ditz Obama Empire Building War President

Reiterating comments from yesterday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs insisted that no policy changes will be announced on Thursday and that the public version of the Afghan War report won’t include any surprises.
Gibbs termed President Obama ‘pleased’ with the war, and insisted that he hopes to “strengthen capacity inside of Afghanistan” going forward. President Obama was said to have met with advisors earlier today regarding the war.


Petraeus to Bombers: Don’t Worry About Civilian Deaths

By Jason DitzMourning Civilian Victims of US Aggression

Following angry rebukes of President Hamid Karzai’s call to make the war less disruptive to civilians, the Obama Administration is said to be further escalating its air war in Afghanistan, and officials are confirming a “loosening of the reins” of the restrictions on air strikes.
Officials warned that the McChrystal rules, aimed at reducing civilian deaths, meant “some officers were exerting excessive caution, fearing career damage if civilians were mistakenly killed.” With Petraeus now in charge, concerns about killing civilians have faded.


Military Starts Low-Altitude Training Flights in New Mexico

Received from the Peaceful Skies Coalition, originally published by Santa Fe New Mexican 11/12/2010:

By Seth Mosgofian

My family, friends, neighbors and I are extremely concerned that the Air Force has proposed low-altitude flights in and around Northern New Mexico to train for missions in Afghanistan. We strongly object to the noise, the pollution, the disturbance of the peace and the risk to our homes and lives these flights will present, as well as the alleged purpose.


US Deploying Battle Tanks to Afghanistan

From Khaleej Times 

WASHINGTON — The United States is deploying heavily armored battle tanks to Afghanistan for the first time in the nine-year war, in a further escalation of tactics against the Taliban, the Washington Post reported Friday.
The company of M1 Abrams tanks initially will be fielded in Helmand province where marines have been engaged in intense combat with heavily armed cells of Taliban fighters, the Post said, citing defense officials.

“The tanks bring awe, shock and firepower,” an officer familiar with the deployment plans told the Post. “It’s pretty significant.”


Obama’s Afghan Policy: War Without End, Amen

By Kenneth J. Theisen

In October 2001, then Vice President Dick Cheney said that the just launched U.S. “war on terror” was “different” than other wars: ‘‘in the sense that it may never end. At least, not in our lifetime’’. President Obama picked up the baton passed to him by Cheney’s boss, and has expanded and extended the wars started in the Bush-Cheney era, continued the policies of torture and extended the life of the dungeons where this torture is done.

Immediately after taking office President Obama announced that he was ordering the closing of the hellhole prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by January 2010. That atrocity is still open. 
Now the Obama administration has announced that its much trumpeted deadline for withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan will be extended three years, to 2014.


The U.S.'s Mercenaries in Afghanistan

 From A World to Win News Service 

The flap about President Hamid Karzai's threat to restrict the use of mercenaries in Afghanistan sheds a bright light on what the U.S. and its allies are doing in there.
In August Karzai announced that foreign security firms would be banned from operating in the country, citing the undeniable fact that the men they employ have been responsible for all sorts of murders and other atrocities. He also claimed that this would be part of reasserting Afghan sovereignty.


US Drone Strikes Kill at Least 13 in North Waziristan

Two Vehicles, House Destroyed in Attacks

By Jason Ditz

CIA Predator drones launched three separate attacks in North Waziristan today, destroying two vehicles and a house in the Pakistani tribal agency, killing at least 13 “suspected militants” and wounding an unknown number of others.

The attacks were in three separate portions of the region, targeting the towns of Mir Ali, Datta Khel and Miramshah. Though Pakistani officials say that those slain were all “suspects” and five of them may have been from Uzbekistan, none of them appear to have been high value targets and no one has been named as a known militant.


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