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Outraged by the Police/Military Repression of Protest at the G-20 in Pittsburg?

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To: Homeland Security & Elected Officials & Law Enforcement in Pennsylvania

Thousands of people gathered in Pittsburgh during the recent "G-20" meetings came to dissent and express political demands.  They were repeatedly denied the right to assemble over several days, and were met with a militarized police state.

We denounce the city of Pittsburgh, especially the Mayor, for combining domestic and military agencies for the purposes of surveillance of the protesters; riot squads on bicycles, and military troop transports; use of agent infiltrators into political groups, and provocateurs on the streets; revocation and denial of permits to assemble and mass arrests of protesters & bystanders alike, with weapons of mass destruction used on the people who only stand to exercise their freedom of speech.

Nearly 300 people were arrested, including juveniles.  Some were physically abused, with use of batons and projectile devices.  The charges are demonstrably political charges devoid of actual crimes committed.


Actions: Wednesday, November 5th

Chicago is TUESDAY Nov 4 near Grant Park Obama Rally.

Hook up with World Can't Wait at Michigan and Jackson from 7pm on. Look for the large
banner "No Wars for Empire." 773 227 2453

Seattle WEDNESDAY November 5

5:30pm. Meet at 4th and Pine at Westlake Center.

San Francisco WEDNESDAY November 5

Meet up with World Can't Wait crews at
the following election night (Tues) gatherings:
-6pm in S.F. at Yerba Buena Gardens. Contact Stephanie Tang 415-410-4484
-6pm in Oakland at Jack London Square. Contact MaryAnn Thomas 510-502-8947

Wednesday, Nov. 5, meet up with World Can't Wait, 5pm at Powell & Market
Streets in San Francisco.

New York City WEDNESDAY Nov 5

Join press conference at the Federal Bldg, 26 Federal Plaza,
Manhattan announcing the call: "No Matter Who the President is, STOP

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World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.