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 Debra SweetDebra Sweet is the Director of World Can’t Wait, initiated in 2005 to “drive out the Bush regime” by repudiating its program, forcing it from office through a mass, independent movement and reversing the direction it had launched.  Based in New York City, she leads World Can’t Wait in its continuing efforts to stop the crimes of our government, including the unjust occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and the torture and detention codes, as well as reversing the fascist direction of U.S. society, from the surveillance state to the criminalization of abortion and immigrants.  She has worked with abortion providers for twenty-five years, organizing community support and helping them withstand anti-abortion violence.  Since the age of 19, when she confronted Richard Nixon during a face-to-face meeting and told him to stop the war in Vietnam, she has been a leader in the opposition to U.S. wars and invasions.  Debra says, “Stop thinking like an American, and start thinking about humanity!”

She can be reached at debrasweet (at) You can read her writings at

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Scenes from the streets

Help Spread Resistance to the Crimes of our Government!

What we need - what only we can do - is make a change in what people in this country will accept being done in our names.  If people have gotten confused about whether the Iraq war is over, tell them, no - it's becoming a permanent occupation! (read more)

The We Are Not Your Soldiers tour is a concrete step to doing just this: changing what people in this country will accept.


by Debra Sweet


There were thousands marching in DC yesterday. Read AP report. Watch the AP video. Watch the local video coverage:

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You can read my speech here. After the march, several protesters were arrested in front of the White House, including Cindy Sheehan, Elaine Brower, and Matthis Chiroux. They are sitting in jail tonight and we are told they won't be arraigned until Tuesday.

In San Francisco, Daniel Ellsberg spoke to a rally of thousands on the importance of protest:

Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the top-secret Pentagon Papers study of the Vietnam War and is the subject of the recent documentary film, "The Most Dangerous Man in America," likened the protest and others like it around the country Saturday to a day of demonstrations organized against the conflict in Vietnam in 1969.
"They thought it had no effect," he told the crowd in San Francisco, referring to the 1969 protesters. "They were wrong."
Ellsberg said President Richard Nixon was planning to escalate the war around that time, but held off.

In Los Angeles, thousands also marched, including a We Are Not Your Soldiers contingent carrying a banner signed by many more youth pledging to resist military recruiters.




Los Angeles

More photos

You protested yesterday: now donate and make this resistance possible on another level for a new generation living in the crosshairs of the military recruiters.






Damn, We Need a “Morning After the Health Care Bill” Pill

by Debra Sweet

Thanks to scientists who studied female reproduction, there are women in the world fortunate enough to have access to the birth control pill.  Take a few of them after being raped, or any kind of unprotected sex where one fears pregnancy, and the “morning after pill” prevents implantation of any fertilized egg.
But what do you do the morning after you’ve been politically attacked so deeply you feel it in the gut and you’d like to vomit from the White House down the Mall to Congress?  We need a “morning after the health care bill” pill.
Because the so-called “health-care reform” passed by the Democrats yesterday rolls the bus over the bodies of women now, and in future, denied access to abortion, and the right to control their own bodies.  We knew this was coming, and yet, the way it was done twists “the change you can believe in” knife deeper into the wound of the body politic.


Fordham University: Prettifying C.I.A. Clandestine Operations

By Debra Sweet

I”m not sure what was worse; sitting in an auditorium for a speech by the head of CIA clandestine operations, or having most of the audience give a standing ovation afterward.  There were some low points in between, too.

Thursday night I went with my friend Ray McGovern, and some current and former Fordham students to a lecture at Fordham University by Michael Sulick, Director of the National Clandestine Service, the guy in charge of counter-terrorism and covert ops.  Ray and Sulick are both graduates of Fordham, and both worked for the C.I.A.  One difference between them is that Ray quit long ago.


Marching in Protest of 7 Years US Occupation of Iraq

By Debra Sweet

There were more of us than last year, in 2009, when people widely believed the election of Barack Obama was going to end these wars. It’s important we’re out there to go against the tide.
Sunday, Obama went to Afghanistan, on dark-of-night unannounced trip to twist the arms of Hamid Karzai, the president who didn’t win the recent election, but nevertheless is the US’ best hope to secure Afghanistan firmly under the domination of the U.S. empire. 


Abortion Rights: Still on OUR Agenda

By Debra Sweet

The film Abortion, Morality and the Liberation of Women is being seen by people via YouTube and through organized showings, including at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro last month. This is exactly the kind of conversation we're trying to spark with this film:
"I brought up the three points... that should serve as a foundational basis of what we stand for: a fetus is not a baby, abortion is not murder, women are not incubators, and talked about how those points are probably completely non-controversial amongst the people in the room, but which had been compromised and diluted to near meaninglessness by the sections of the movement that are subservient to the Democratic Party.


Military Whistleblowers Leak Evidence of US War Crimes

By Debra Sweet

From the UK Guardian Monday, Wikileaks reveals video showing US air crew shooting down Iraqi civilians:

"A secret video showing US air crew falsely claiming to have encountered a firefight in Baghdad and then laughing at the dead after launching an air strike that killed a dozen people, including two Iraqis working for Reuters news agency, was revealed by Wikileaks today.


Start Thinking About Humanity

By Debra Sweet

A few people wrote me this week to say that I didn't understand that the Arizona law directing police to stop and ID people who look "illegal" is good. 
Their arguments were: 1) public opinion in Arizona is for the law.  2) "Something has to be done" about immigration.  3) The "federal government" doesn't care, so the states have to act to curb immigration.  4) Current law doesn't "allow" states to punish immigrants who are criminals.


Not Complicit...Not Complacent...We Need MORE of that 40 Years after Kent State!

By Debra Sweet,

Director of The World Can't Wait

Around noon, forty years ago today [May 4], 4 students were shot dead, and 9 wounded when Ohio National Guardsmen shot into a protest 0f 2,000 at Kent State University.  KSU officials had banned the protest, and the Ohio governor called in the Guard after students at Kent State, like those all around the world, reacted to news that the U.S. was secretly bombing Cambodia.

These killings led almost immediately to a student strike of four million on 900 campuses.  450 campuses closed for the year, without exams.  100,000 of us went to Washington DC that weekend to protest the war and the killings. 


Voices of Conscience and Voices of Youth

By Debra Sweet

Our statement has been published in the New York Review of Books, and email and calls are coming in.  Thanks to Anthony: "i don't know if i say this enough but ... World Can't Wait ROCKS!!!!!!!" and to Gene: "The ad arrived in my mailbox.  It looks awesome and reads awesome... It's a great piece of work.  Let's do some more!"

The statement, Crimes Are Crimes - No Matter Who Does Them, for which you donated almost $12,000, began appearing in mailboxes in The New York Review of Books on May 5.  We are posting comments from people whose names appear in the ad:


Assassination First? Due Process Never? NO!

By Debra Sweet

"In the past few weeks, it has become common knowledge that Barack Obama has openly ordered the assassination of an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, because he is suspected of participating in plots by Al Qaeda. 
Al-Awlaki denies these charges.  No matter.  Without trial or other judicial proceeding, the administration has simply put him on the to-be-killed list."


Obama at West Point: 100 Protest Wars

By Debra Sweet

 About 100 people joined the march to protest the wars at the gates of West Point Saturday, while President Obama was giving the commencement address to officers about to lead the "war on terror" in Afghanistan, Iraq, and by the time, they're in the field, who knows where else? 



World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.