War Criminals, Torturers on Parade: Protest May 28th, and Wherever they Appear


By Debra Sweet
There’s a moment here, this month, when more and more is coming out about the systematic, sanctioned use of torture by the US, approved at all levels, including the responsible Democrats in Congress. In two weeks, more photos come out for the world to see.
And the war criminals are on parade.  Dick Cheney is leading the argument for the open, justified
use of torture.
On Face the Nation Sunday, he said that what the Bush regime had done is not torture.  CBS reported, "Cheney still bristled at the suggestion that what President Bush authorized constituted torture, saying they weren't in the "torture business...I think it's very, very important that we have a clear understanding that what happened here was an honorable approach to defending the nation, that there was nothing devious or deceitful or dishonest or illegal about what was done."
And, the clincher: Cheney, when asked if Bush knew about the interrogation program: "I certainly, yes, have every reason to believe he knew -- he knew a great deal about the program. He basically authorized it. I mean, this was a presidential-level decision. And the decision went to the president. He signed off on it." 
World Can't Wait and other groups are putting together events around the country whererever the Bush era war criminals are appearing this month, raising the cry "Torture is a War Crime! Prosecute!"  They're speaking at graduations and getting regular columns published (John Yoo in the Philadelphia Inquirer).  All this is beginning to be challenged publicly, including a scorchingly critical column in the Philadelphia Daily News against Yoo's column, and thanks to students at Stanford (Condi Rice), the Fire John Yoo Coalition, and other people of conscience who know this matters.
Please participate in the actions this month, and set up your own if you need to.  So far, they are:

Torture is part of the US global "war on terror," not an aberration, and not used to keep the US safe. While focusing this month on protesting the torture, we take notice of the outrageous escalations of war on civilians in Afghanistan. Reports that the US forces used white phosphorous are coming because doctors are reporting "unusual burns" on the civilian victims. 
Read Chris Hedges in Becoming What We Seek to Destroy reporting that the US occupation forces have killed twice as many civilians as Taliban in 2009.  Thousands of Afghanis, including many students in Kabul, have been protesting the massacre last week, and demanding an end to US occupation. 
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