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You might be surprised to know that I don't read the Wall Street Journal regularly.  A friend just sent me Peggy Noonan's column for Friday,"Playing Frisbee on a Precipice."  The WSJ generally presents the views of those who run the empire, and clearly they are worried:

"Both campaigns, in the closing stretch, seem not fully worthy of the moment. We are in crisis-a once-in-a-century event, as we now say. And what we got from the candidates, in this week's presidential debate, was a bunch of gummy meanderings-smooth, rounded sentences so full of focus-grouped inanities that six minutes in viewers entered a kind of trance in which we almost immediately gave up on trying to wrest meaning from what was being said and instead focused on mere impressions. The look of things. The men on the plane, the pseudo-tough political operatives who surround both candidates, sometimes grouse, in private, that it's all symbols now, all mood, all about the visual. 

But they have some real responsibility here. They send their candidates out to speak such thin gruel, such spat-out porridge, that we are struck dumb, and left daydreaming about the fact that Mr. Obama's suits are always slate gray and never seem to wrinkle, and Mr. McCain tonight seems like a rabbity forest creature darting amid the hedgerows.

Why would anyone trust either candidate to help dig us out of this if they can't speak frankly about what got us into it?"

From the standpoint of those who don't even want an empire, I agree!  There isn't anyone "up there" who can fix what is going on with the globalized economy.  They won't stop the "war of terror" yet Congress approved, and Bush signed a law today that rewards India for developing nukes.  And none of this has anything to do with elections - the people have no say in it.

Is Posse Comitatus Dead?  Matt Rothschild writes in The Progressive about the 3rd Infantry being back in the US, where it is being trained for domestic counter-insurgency. He was on Democracy Now Tuesday

"On October 1, the Pentagon, for the first time ever, dedicated an Army force specifically to NorthCom, which is in charge of securing not some foreign region but the United States of America.  The unit it assigned is the 3rd Infantry, First Brigade Combat Team, which has spent three of the last five years in Iraq. It was one of the first units to get to Baghdad, and it was active in retaking and patrolling Fallujah. One of its specialties is counterinsurgency.  This marks a change for NorthCom, which was established on October 1, 2002. Its website still says it 'has few permanently assigned forces,' and that 'the command is assigned forces whenever necessary to execute missions, as ordered by the President and the Secretary of Defense.'"

Yes, this is alarming, given the militarization of the border, militarization of the schools, and the spectacle of military-like policing in St. Paul last month.  Here is ONE MORE CHANCE --before we send it on to the City Councils of Denver and St. Paul  -- to sign the petition against the abuse of political protest in those cities during the conventions.

Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime