Upcoming Actions for January 2009

JANUARY 19/20 JOIN us in Washington

Are you thinking that no one will speak up for the interests of the people in stopping the wars & torture, and that we must be quiet about Obama's invitation to Rick Warren, a leading homophobe being elevated to the status of a Billy Graham?

Are you thinking that if we protest against Obama's escalation of the war in Afghanistan, no one will see us, or we will be challenged?  That the only choice is to "go along?"  World Can't Wait will be there next week.  JOIN US!  If you can't come along, send some funds our way for materials and transportation.  You'll get a full report on January 23!

World Can't Wait organizers will be protesting in Washington on January 19 and 20.  Bush may issue pardons on Jan 19 or 20, including possible blanket pardons covering torture.  We will be in the news, and around the White House, to demand prosecutions.  We want to be among the crowds with the message, "Stop the US war OF terror and torture...the world can't wait!"


January 19 (Monday - MLK holiday) 

11am  SHOE BUSH rally/march.  David Swanson, Debra Sweet, Adam Kokesh speaking at DuPont Circle.  March to White House to demand Prosecute the War Criminals!


3pm  Union Station DIE-in/theater protest.  "End the occupations of Iraq & Afghanistan Now!"

January 20 (Tuesday - inaugural parade) 

World Can't Wait will join in the ARREST BUSH gathering along the parade route, joining with people demanding that Bush & Cheney be prosecuted, with signs saying "Stop the US War OF terror and torture...the world can't wait!" and "NO Common Ground with Bigot Rick Warren!"

Join us! 

Write me for details.

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Ken Theisen, "Obama gives Number 2 job at Pentagon to Raytheon lobbyist!"


Barack Obama, who during his campaign promised to lessen the influence of lobbyists in Washington, chose William J. Lynn III as his deputy secretary of defense at the Pentagon. Lynn just happens to be a senior vice president in charge of lobbying with Raytheon. Raytheon in turn just happens to have billions of dollars in Pentagon contracts and is the maker of the Army's Patriot Missile system and the Navy Tomahawk missile. Raytheon is also developing a global positioning satellite communication system for the Air Force. Lynn's new post would involve him in the process of budgeting and acquisitions.






In just the first three months of 2008, Lynn's Raytheon lobbying team spent at least $1.15 million to influence issues regarding missiles, sensors and radar, advanced technology programs and intelligence funding." 


Here are posters you can use this weekend.  Print black on orange paper:


 1)  GAZA_SHOE_poster can be printed by large format commercial copiers (36" paper) and pasted onto existing 24x36" posters.  Or you can reproduce them in smaller sizes.



2)  Guantanamo poster has the slogan "From Guantanamo to Gaza, Stop the US war OF terror and torture.  The world can't wait!" 

3)  Gaza signs.  Are several signs in English against the US role in backing this war crime.


In Atlanta:

YOUR GOVERNMENT is moving each day closer to a theocracy, where a narrow and hateful brand of Christian fundamentalism will rule.
Monday, January 19th, 9AM
Ebenezer Baptist Church
(Auburn Ave. and Jackson Street)
Rick Warren is a Biblical literalist. Just as some used the Bible to defend slavery, Rick Warren uses the Bible to promote hate and discrimination against gays and lesbians. He backed Proposition 8, a California constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages, and equates homosexuality with pedophilia and incest. He upholds war and capital punishment while declaring abortion as murder and promotes women’s subservience to men.
Rick Warren is the keynote speaker for the MLK Day commemoration at Ebenezer, and to deliver the invocation at Barack Obama's inauguration. This is outrageous! Seeking “common ground” with hateful theocrats is unacceptable! As the World Can’t Wait Call says, “That which you will not resist and mobilize to stop – you will learn or be forced to accept.”       
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


by Scott


 ...or, How a click can help ignite a social movement

So check this out...I know all of my friends have been frustrated at some time or another at how poorly the media cover important issues, especially when it comes to grassroots action on issues of major importance, like the war(s), torture, illegal wiretapping and other things we've gotten too damn used to over the past eight years. And that's just the thing...if the media don't report that there is grassroots resistance against these things, people feel like nothing's being done, and get this false sense of powerlessness.

So here's one thing you can do to help break through all that: DIG (that is, "digg" World Can't Wait).


Emergency Town Hall Meeting - A Call to Act

Stop The Israeli Massacre in Gaza. We Condemn the U.S. Role in this War Crime.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009, 7:00 PM
New York Society for Ethical Culture
2 West 64th Street @ Central Park West  NYC
$10 admission
Speakers -- Chris Hedges, Cynthia McKinney, Alan Goodman, Adam Shapiro, Peter Weiss, Najla Said ...



Arrest Bush Protest--UPDATE

UPDATE - Photo gallery of protest photos now available here.

On the eve of Barack Obama’s inauguration, protestors marched through the streets of D.C. behind a banner demanding “Arrest Bush.” Protestors demanded that Bush and others in his Regime be held accountable for the crimes against humanity they have perpetrated, and ended their protest by throwing a barrage of shoes in the direction of the White House, in what Raw Story website called “a symbolic gesture of solidarity with Muntadar al-Zeidi, an Iraqi correspondent for Al-Baghdadia television, who threw his shoes at President Bush as he gave a press briefing in Baghdad in Baghdad.”


The following video features a speech at the rally given by World Can’t Wait national director Debra Sweet.


Shoes for Bush! - UPDATE

UPDATE - Two new videos of the Boot Bush protest now available:

By Elaine Brower

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in a rowdy, unpermitted march in Washington, D.C., on Bush’s last full day in office, January 19, 2009. Carrying shoes in solidarity with Muntadar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who in a furious outrage removed his shoes at a press conference in Iraq and flung them at Bush, screaming, “You dog, this is for the widows and orphans.”   

So today we marched through the streets calling for the arrest and prosecution of the war criminals, Bush and Cheney, brandishing all of our shoes above our heads. We chanted our demands and drew crowds of inaugural revelers. Some even joined in the march, towards the White House. 

Passing National Guard soldiers and Metro D.C. police, we shouted “Gaza to Guantanamo, The War on Terror has got to go.” “Killing children, war crime, war crime…Torture, war crime war crime!”
Winding around Pennsylvania Ave., we passed through the fences that were built to keep people out. There were hundreds of Obama supporters milling around who saw us coming up to the fence, holding our shoes and signs saying “Arrest Bush!”   
With shear defiance and determination we walked up to the fence, which was guarded by Secret Service agents and Parks Police on the inside, and started flinging the shoes we had all carried there. Never in my life did I see such joy and relief in the faces of these anti-war activists who have been waiting for the day that Bush the criminal would leave office.
Shoes were flying over heads through the air, and almost landing directly on the officers standing in front of the gate. The act of throwing a shoe at the White House was a defining moment on this day when the people of the country who voted for change are waiting to breathe that sigh of relief when Obama takes office.  The demands of the people will not stop, however. If the Obama administration does not pursue the prosecution that the people are demanding, we have a lot more shoes waiting.


Conviction and Courage in the Face of the Obama Disconnect: Speaking Truth inside D.C.’s Union Station


By Jill McLaughlin
What is one to do when so many good people who opposed the crimes of illegal invasions and occupations and the war crime of torture are now about to accept these very crimes under a new President? One is not to join in with the celebrations around the inauguration as so much of the anti-war movement is doing.  What is one to do when there is a disconnect  of the projections of peace,justice,and change onto a man, who today in his inaugural speech, repeated his campaign promise of a continued so called “war on terror”? One is not to “wait and see” if he will deliver the “hope and change” the people really want.
Nor is one to “wait and see” if people will wake up to the disconnect between what they want and what is actually being promised them, or whether people accept what is being delivered them by President Obama.

Instead when such promises of continued wars of terror are being made it is a time to continue the resistance that is needed in the face of this. And a group of activists who recognized this moment gathered at D.C.’s Union Station and brought into sharp focus the disconnect between what the people of this country and the world hope for and what Obama has promised. For a solid hour a dramatic action was led by World Can’t Wait and joined by members from Arrest Bush, and Code Pink. They all risked arrest to reach over 10,000 people passing through Union Station the day before Obama’s Inauguration. 


Stop US Occupations & Torture for Empire!

U.S. Out of Iraq & Afghanistan!

No Wars on Iran, Pakistan, Gaza!

The world can’t wait!
Come OUT to the first national protest of the wars under President Obama
THURSDAY March 19 leave work & school to PROTEST the 6th anniversary of the Iraq War
SATURDAY March 21 at the Pentagon. 


1,000 in Chicago March Against Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan


On Saturday, March 14th, approximately 1,000 people gathered in the predominately Mexican immigrant neighborhoods of Pilsen and Little Village in Chicago to protest the continuation of the war in Iraq, the escalation of the war in Afghanistan, the bombing of Pakistan and the massacre in Gaza. The demonstration also demanded an end to the government's war on immigrants. Called to mark the 6th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, many who came also planned to attend next Saturday's march on the Pentagon in Washington, DC.
Organizers have found a fair amount of confusion about the Obama administration's foreign (and domestic) policy, so it was important that people came into the streets this year to voice our clear demands for a complete end to all the occupations. There was also vigorous debate among activists over whether we can really challenge people to understand what's at stake, or whether the best we can do is to "pressure Obama to live up to his promises." Even people who understand that Obama only promised more of the same US empire have questioned whether we can actually say that.


Protests Throughout Country Against Obama’s Continuation of Iraq War

Initial Reports from March 19th, 21st

Photos from March 19th

Six years ago, the Bush Regime unleashed a nightmare of “shock and awe” upon Iraq. A war begun with brazen lies, reinforced with torture, has become a permanent occupation, killing over one million Iraqis. Barack Obama, the “peace candidate,” is leaving 17 US bases and 50,000 U.S. “advisers” in Iraq, and sending 30,000 more troops into the unjust war for empire in Afghanistan.

On March 19, in dozens of cities, people protested the war crimes and torture perpetrated by the U.S.  But, the irony of the end of the Bush regime is that under Bush, as the occupation of Iraq became more and more unpopular, people protested the war in thousands of places.  This year, large numbers of people asked us, “what war?” 

The protests of the people who are still outraged at the US war crimes are more precious than ever – especially the students and youth.  They are critical to bringing others forward.  There is simmering opposition, discontent, and anger at Obama’s continuation of the criminal wars begun by Bush.  But this needs to grow into much more determined opposition among larger sections of people.  These wars for empire must be stopped by the independent political action of the people. 

Stop Occupations & Torture for Empire!

New York City:
Taking Torture To the Times: Resisters Speak Out Against Child Torture, Demand War Crimes Prosecutions of Bush Regime
Resisters with World Can’t Wait gathered in front of the New York Times building Monday March 30, to denounce U.S. torture of children and demand prosecution of the Bush Regime for war crimes.
Holding a banner reading, “The U.S. Government Tortured Children: Prosecute the Bush Regime Now!” and kneeling in orange jumpsuits and black hoods to symbolize those tortured by our government, the group created a dramatic visual for nearly 90 minutes in front of the offices of the nation’s largest newspaper.
The action was called in response to a new book by professor Michael Haas, “George W. Bush War Criminal? The Bush Administration’s Liability For 269 War Crimes.” A particular focus was placed on the book’s exposure of our government’s kidnapping, indefinite detention, and torture of thousands of children in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo. As Haas details, children in detention were raped, forced to run carrying heavy buckets (and beaten when they stopped), held in solitary confinement, and denied contact with their parents for years at a time. And this only touches on the abuse these children suffered at the hands of our government.
The unbelievable depths of cruelty and sadism exposed in Haas’ book represents a particularly egregious concentration of the fascist direction World Can’t Wait has been resisting for the past several years. That, coupled with the fact that all this is happening in our names, made it a moral necessity to speak out and resist.


Berkeley Protests John Yoo's Retention at UC! Assemble April 10, 3 PM

In a post to the Contra Costa Times over the weekend, UC Berkeley's School of Law Dean, Christopher Edley confirmed his determination to shield "Torture Professor" John Yoo from accountability for well documented crimes against humanity. Edley's misapplication of an "academic freedom" defense not only enables UC to continue harboring a known war criminal against community wishes, but calls into question the Dean's motivation for protecting John Yoo.
Faculty, student and alumni calls for disciplinary actions are not based on what Yoo said, they are based on what he did. UC Berkeley's code of conduct provides for dismissal pursuant to criminal conviction. Yet according to law professor Christopher Kutz, "disbarment proceedings and 'serious professional ethical violations,' such as knowingly giving bad advice, could also lead to Yoo's firing." Boalt has a duty to assess John Yoo's actions no matter how uncomfortable those findings may be.
This Friday, April 10, FIRE JOHN YOO and WORLD CAN'T WAIT will confront UC recalcitrance to do the right thing.



World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.